Similar in size, shape and thickness to a postage stamp, PharmFilm is a truly unique drug delivery platform that represents a leap forward in how pharmaceutical products are developed and administered. PharmFilm benefits both patient and pharmaceutical provider by fostering a more convenient, precise and potentially safer means for delivering prescription drugs.

MonoSol Rx and PharmFilm Drug Delivery Technology

Latest News
August 17, 2016
MonoSol Rx Closes $50 Million Credit Facility with Perceptive Advisors 
July 14, 2016
MonoSol Rx and MonoSol LLC, a Kuraray Company announce IP license agreement 
June 7, 2016
MonoSol Rx wins patent infringement suit against Par Pharmaceutical and Watson Pharmaceuticals related to Suboxone® Sublingual Film
PharmFilm Advantages

MonoSol Rx has cemented a leadership position in the transition of prescription drugs to film. Our patented PharmFilm® technology platform enables a wide range of pharmaceutical products to be delivered buccally, sublingually, enterally and through other mucosal surfaces for the improvement of healthcare for patients.

Partners and Licensing
Partnering with MonoSol Rx offers pharmaceutical companies the ability to introduce products that are highly differentiated from other dosage forms, both in performance and marketability, creating fresh, dynamic revenue-generating opportunities.